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How does this program differ from other well-known programs?

  • Extensive Direct Experience

The Psychedelic Practitioner Core Training was designed in part based on both our multi-year collaborations and partnerships with renowned research institutions and our tangible, hands-on experience guiding over 1,000 individuals through safe, legal, psychedelic-supported legacy retreat programs. 

  • A Four-Lens Approach to Many Ways of Knowing

This training is poised at the intersection of science and wisdom traditions, designed for those seeking a research-backed, wisdom-rich, somatically informed, and heart-centered approach to psychedelic facilitation. We recognize that no subject can be understood from one perspective alone, so we approach each of our teachings in this program through a cognitive, embodied, sacred, and relational lens.

  • A Uniquely Transformative Learning Format that is Rigorous Yet Flexible

Psychedelic Practitioner Core Training is a comprehensive, transformative 13-month educational experience that combines self-paced and flexible asynchronous learning with immersive, small group “pods” led by deeply experienced Learning Facilitators. Rooted in personal growth, experiential practice, peer feedback, and supervision within a safe and strong container, this learning format was created to help you consciously develop the single most important instrument for safe and ethical psychedelic facilitation─yourself, and the single most important skill of a psychedelic facilitator─ethically and responsibly holding space for others.

  • An Inclusive and Diverse International Community

The Synthesis Institute welcomes students, teachers, and Learning Facilitators of all backgrounds because people of all backgrounds are needed in the contemporary psychedelic paradigm. In fact, current students and graduates alike have named this richness of variety in the personal and professional experiences of our students and faculty as one of their highest-valued aspects of this training.

Hear from graduates on what they think makes our program different from others here. 


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