In which ways have COVID-19 safety measures impacted the retreat experience?

Synthesis is committed to creating a container that supports physical, emotional, and psychological safety. Synthesis retreats are a sensory experience. Our retreats are considered a contact-based service. As such, there will be times where it’s not feasible to enforce the 1.5 meter social distance protocol. To offer care and support, and to facilitate the safety of the retreat participants, facilitators may come in close contact with retreat participants through touch. The thorough testing and sanitation process prior to entering the retreat is designed to allow participants to fully participate in the Synthesis retreat experience.

Supporting an environment of psychological and physiological safety is paramount to a successful retreat experience. In order to fully support participants during transformational experiences, facilitators will need access to view the full face of the participants in order to read micro-expressions. As such, it is essential that the facilitators can see the full face of the participants. Therefore, masks will not be worn during the truffles containing psilocybin ceremonies.

You can find the COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocol here.