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Is a practicum experience included in the program tuition fee?

No, the program tuition does not include a practicum experience. However, graduates from the Psychedelic Practitioner Core Training program are invited to participate in the 50-hour Practicum* program, which is specifically designed to provide Psychedelic Practitioner Core Training students with onsite opportunities to work with organizations and practitioners. Please note that the Practicum program has a separate admissions process and the tuition fee is in addition to the Psychedelic Practitioner Core Training.

The Practicum program offers valuable hands-on experience, allowing students to gain insights and practical knowledge from a diverse range of practitioners. Under the guidance of experienced facilitators, students can immerse themselves in different approaches to psychedelic practice. Placement opportunities are available through Synthesis practicum partner sites, which are part of Retreat Guru’s global network of plant medicine retreat centers.

Throughout the practicum experience, students receive professional and community support through twelve (12) months of regular Professional Continuity Workshops. These live forums feature experienced practitioners and professionals in the field offering a space for practicum students to share and process the real-world scenarios they are encountering, exchange insights, deepen understanding, and explore practical applications in the field.


*The Synthesis Practicum program is exclusively available to Psychedelic Practitioner Core Training students and not open to the general public.