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Is the Immersion retreat experience included in the program tuition fee?

No, the program tuition does not include an Immersion retreat experience. However, graduates from the Psychedelic Practitioner Core Training program are invited to participate in the Immersion Experience. This immersive experience allows students to integrate and embody the skills and qualities developed during the core training. Please note that Immersion Experience has a separate admission process and the tuition fee is in addition to the Psychedelic Practitioner Core Training.

The Immersion Experience incorporates elements from Synthesis retreats, which have been refined over years of retreat work, known as 'The Synthesis Way'. It serves as a living embodiment of the values and principles of this work, providing students with a unique opportunity to participate, witness, and develop their space-holding skills during ceremonies.

The Immersion Experience curriculum covers a wide range of topics in psychedelic practice, including breathwork facilitation, dosing and consent guidance, preparation and intention-setting practices, emergency protocols, touch preference conversations, flight instructions, integration techniques, and peer and group sharing circles. It offers students the chance to witness, experience, and facilitate Synthesis retreats alongside their peers.