What is the Immersion Experience?

Discover our signature training retreats, presenting a unique opportunity for graduates of the Psychedelic Practitioner Core Training to refine the skills needed to hold space for others during non-ordinary states of consciousness.

Our training retreats combine trusted elements from Synthesis’ legacy retreats—experienced by over 1,000 individuals—with opportunities for participants to refine the skills needed to hold space for others during extraordinary states, whether in ceremonial group psychedelic experiences or one-on-one facilitation. Described by graduates as the point where "everything comes together," this training retreat serves as a catalyst, bringing the core training to life. 


The Immersion Experience is an invitation to participate in a heart-opening journey at the culmination of 13 months of learning and growth. Join your peers from the training program for an experience that combines trusted elements of former Synthesis retreats, refined over years of psychedelic facilitation, known as ‘The Synthesis Way’, along with new elements that complement the interdisciplinary approach of the training program.

The Immersion Experience serves as a living embodiment of the values and principles underlying this work, often described by graduates as the pivotal point where “it all comes together.” It is the essential piece that brings the Psychedelic Practitioner Training to life, and reinforces and puts into practice the various lenses explored during the foundational digital training.

What you can expect from participating in the Immersion Experience:

  1. Integrated curriculum: The curriculum encompasses a range of topics in psychedelic practice, including breathwork facilitation fundamentals, guidance on dosing and consent, preparation and intention-setting practices, touch preference conversations, flight instructions, integration techniques, debriefing and Q&A sessions with the facilitation team, and peer and group sharing circles. It provides you with the opportunity to witness, experience, and facilitate Synthesis retreats alongside your peers.
  2. Three (3) ceremonies with psilocybin-containing truffles or mushrooms: Led by experienced facilitators with years of experience facilitating psychedelic retreats, including Synthesis retreats, the program includes workshops, activities, and three psychedelic ceremonies. During one of the first two ceremonies, you will support your peers on their own psychedelic journeys as an Active Witness and potentially as a facilitator under the supervision of a team member. The third ceremony is a group experience.
  3. Gain Practical Experience: As an active witness, the Immersion Experience offers a comprehensive integration of all aspects of this work. You will internalize the importance of being non-directive, grounded in your body, and upholding ethical practices as a facilitator. This experience provides you with a sense of spaciousness where you can explore and support the development of an authentic, personalized, and multi-faceted approach to your work while learning to uphold the highest ethical and safety standards.
  4. Deepen Your Personal Practice: Experience a deepening of your personal practice, gaining inspiration and motivation to continue and expand your spiritual journey, and embrace daily contemplative practices to maintain a strong sense of connection
  5. Experience Communitas: You’ll form deep connections that fuel your communitas experience, the “intense togetherness and shared humanity that temporarily transcends social structures”, and engage in meaningful conversations, share insights, and form relationships that go beyond the confines of the program.

Why join the Immersion Experience

The work of psychedelic facilitation is highly nuanced and subtle, requiring a delicate balance of skill, intuition, authenticity, embodiment, and an attuned, compassionate presence. This immersive program is designed to help you develop and refine your skills by experiencing the roles of witness and participant within the same container alongside your trusted peers and experienced guides. 

Within this supportive space of trust, connection, and care, you can fully immerse yourself in each role, allowing for deep integration and growth on your journey to becoming a knowledgeable, embodied, and intuitive practitioner.

The Immersion Experience offers an opportunity to:

  • Improve your ability to offer support and address needs during psychedelic sessions and ceremonies, knowing when to actively intervene and when to let the process unfold naturally.
  • Appreciate the value of a non-directive approach, where facilitators refrain from interpreting or advising, creating a strong and supportive container for participants to navigate their own experiences.
  • Set a high bar in your own professional practice by striving to match the level of care observed in the Synthesis facilitation model.
  • Develop an awareness of the “waves” of experience participants go through during a journey, allowing for non-interference while maintaining a keen sensitivity to their needs.
  • Discover the beauty and significance of ceremonial aspects which can enhance the sacredness and intentionality of the facilitation process.
  • Learn how to provide timely and appropriate support during psychedelic journeys, understand the importance of regulating emotions, and be attentive to participants’ experiences.
  • Gain valuable examples of caring and presence as facilitators create a safe and supportive space, attending to the needs of each participant.
  • Learn simple ceremony songs and better understand how music, vocal opening, and singing can enhance and empower participants, and foster communitas in retreat experiences.




What's the minimum age to participate at a Synthesis training retreat?

The minimum age is generally 18 years old, but it may vary depending on the location of our retreats.

Can I participate at an Immersion Experience without having been through the foundational Core Training?

Our training retreats are exclusively open to graduates of the Psychedelic Practitioner Core Training. To ensure the best possible training experience and maintain the integrity and safety of the group, all participants must first complete the 13-month foundational Psychedelic Practitioner Core Training. This ensures they learn, assimilate, and embody the core competencies and skills essential for ethical and safe psychedelic facilitation and have a deep understanding of Synthesis' unique pedagogy, "The Many Ways of Knowing", ensuring a cohesive and highly focused training experience. 

What is the tuition fee for Immersion Experience

The starting tuition fee for the Immersion Experience is $6,500. The final tuition can vary based on available early registration discounts, room allocation, and venue cost variations at the time of enrollment. We offer affordable payment plans for students upon enrollment.

How many days is the Immersion Experience?

Our current training retreat program spans over 9 days. 

Are there any additional costs involved in completing the Immersion Experience

Expenses related to travel and transportation are not included in the tuition fee. Single-room bookings depend on availability and are subject to additional costs. 

Do I have to have experience with psychedelics before attending?

No prior experience with psychedelics is required to participate at the Immersion Experience. 

Do I have to pass a health screening before attending the Immersion Experience?

Yes. To be eligible to consume psilocybin or truffles containing psilocybin, attendees must undergo and pass a health screening. Those who do not meet the health criteria can still engage in the program without consuming psychedelics. They can benefit from this transformational learning process by participating as an Active Witness or an Apprentice Facilitator.

For more questions, please reach out to us at support@synthesisinstitute.com