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What are the time commitments, and how can this fit into my busy schedule and life?

We've tailored the program with busy professionals in mind. Our approach balances what we believe to be an optimal balance between synchronous and flexible online learning. While you get the intimacy and strong container of your pod group, you also have the breadth of a full week to review and integrate the lessons and assignments. We've scheduled pod meetings during the week to respect your weekends and have also integrated breaks in the winter, spring, and summer for rest.


Expect to invest approximately 5 - 7 hours per week between self-paced online work and live online group sessions, including:

  • Two (2) hours per week to consume course materials, which include watching online videos, completing assigned readings and reflection questions, and occasional quizzes 
  • Two and a half hours (2.5) hours per week to participate in small learning groups (pods) 
  • Two to four hours (2 - 4) per month to complete and submit monthly assignments 
  • At the end of the training: engage in self-assessment, and peer-assessment, and satisfactorily complete an oral exam/assessment


Additionally, we host 1-2 live bonus workshops each month with faculty and guest faculty. These sessions offer you a chance to ask questions in real-time, deepen your learning, and network and build relationships with fellow participants in breakout rooms.

Curious to find out how this program aligns with your professional path? Schedule a no-charge, 15-minute Discovery Call with one of our experienced Admissions Guides by clicking here.