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What is your take on couples, friends or family participating in a retreat together?

Participating with a partner, friends or family is a very personal decision. 

Many couples join us on a retreat and have a wonderful experience. Participating together can be a very bonding and transformative experience. Our CEO joined one of our first ceremonies with her husband and she often reminisces with a smile that the experience brought them much closer together.

In some cases, it might make sense to participate alone. If you have a personal issue you’d like to work on during the retreat, having your significant other and/or family around could be a distraction for you. 

Have you already decided that you’ll come together? Excellent. This is how it works: Both of you need to complete the mandatory Health Screener. If your Health Screener is approved, you will need to book an Exploration Call. You can join your call together or separately, but please let your exploration guide know in advance via email if you plan to participate jointly on your call.