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What will I gain and learn from participating in this program?

Upon completing the Psychedelic Practitioner Core Training, participants will obtain a comprehensive, interdisciplinary understanding of guiding a safe and ethical psychedelic journey, from screening to integration.


Furthermore, the program’s experiential, introspective, and collaborative nature allows you to deepen your understanding of yourself and foster increased self-awareness. It helps you consciously develop the single most important instrument for safe and ethical psychedelic facilitation ─ yourself, and the single most important skill of a psychedelic facilitator ─ to ethically and responsibly hold space for others.

Furthermore, you will: 

  • Gain an awareness of relevant clinical research and evidence-based best practices
  • Broaden your understanding of well-established and emerging wisdom / traditional approaches
  • Become aware of your capacity to hold space for the wide range of experiences that can present themselves on a psychedelic journey, including identifying the limits  of your current capabilities and the opportunities for further personal and professional growth
  • Establish a consistent personal practice and commitment to self-care and self-reflection
  • Assemble a toolkit of professional skills that allow you to hold space for others to grow and change
  • Build a support network of peers as well as connection to The Synthesis Institute and our international professional community
  • Recognize your own internal prejudices and unconscious biases and learn to create culturally sensitive and trauma-informed containers
  • Deepen your understanding of the ethical questions around cultural appropriation, extractivism, restorative justice, and generative reciprocity

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